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Refunds and Returns


In the event that there is a problem with an electronic subscription purchased or provided through this website, please contact us as soon as possible. Should your subscription be unavailable for more than one week following the date that you notify us of the problem, your subscription will be extended by the appropriate period of time.

Printed subscriptions are provided through a partnership with the Reprographic Unit of the Department of Information and Public Relations. Together with the Reprographic Unit, we make every effort for printed editions to be available the same week that they are published.

The normal enrollment period for printed Gazette subscriptions is December. This is the period when you should renew your print subscription to ensure continued delivery of your subscription. Should you enroll outside the normal enrollment period, you will be provided with all back-issues beginning with the first issue of January for the year in which you purchased your subscription.



 Vol. XLIX, No. 19

26th March, 2015


4294- 4666


Statutory Instruments, 2015

No 14 - Pioneer Services and Enterprises (Dr Carl FO Dawson (Dawson's Medical Services Order) 2015

No 15 - Declaration (Declaration made under Section 3 of the Land Acquisition Ordinance) Cap 222  of Block

Resolutions, 2015

No 5 - Resolution of the House of Assembly approving the unsecured term loan facility from Social Security Board

 Bills, 2015

 Firearms and Air Guns (Amendment) Act, 2015

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